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Highly qualified teams with proven track record.

Responsive outsourcing models to support virological research and clinical development

Bringing antiviral therapies to market requires careful planning to account for seasonal changes in virus circulation, as well as secure transportation of clinical samples. Intego Clinical offers a range of flexible outsourcing models to support virological research and clinical development. Our wealth of experienced clinical programmers, statisticians and data managers help clients meet endpoints without compromising project timelines. Intego Clinical’s internal QC and regulatory expertise help clients keep their virology projects on track.

Intego Clinical is a biometrics CRO offering virology support to clients around the globe

Antiviral research remains a difficult area for pharmaceutical companies to succeed in. The seasonality of viruses constrains clinical trial and manufacturing timelines. Companies must also account for the importance of regional selection when designing studies, and the need for secure transportation and containment of contagious viral samples.

Therefore when conducting these crucial virological studies, clients need a CRO partner who can scale rapidly, respond to fluctuations in demands, and produce high-quality deliverables with fluid timelines.

Intego Clinical offers responsive outsourcing models to support virological research and clinical development. Our scalable, cost-effective clinical data resources enable clients to meet endpoints and adjust to shifting timelines.

Understanding the spread of COVID-19 in the US

Real-world data can be essential for our understanding of clinical data, especially with the emergence of phenomena such as the COVID-19 outbreak. Leveraging topology and machine learning for time series, we analyzed how the spread of pandemic has advanced across the United States.

We identified the underlying geometry of the datasets and discovered a set of unrelated features that could possibly be causing the similarity in the spread of COVID-19 across 3000+ counties.

Flexible service model to cope with changes in demand
Internal QC and high standards of service
Highly qualified technical teams with significant track record

Intego Clinical offers a variety of outsourcing service models to manage risk and maximize client ROI. Our strict internal QC and proven clinical development track record allows us to adapt complicated clinical endpoints without compromising the quality of our clinical data.

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