Central Nervous System

Success with complex CNS trial design and delivery

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to CNS trials

Our tailored and flexible solutions allow us to adapt to different trial designs and provide the support you need

Due to the complexity of their neurological, cognitive, and behavioral study endpoints, central nervous system (CNS) clinical trials remain challenging to run. Intego Clinical specializes in data-driven, adaptable biometrics solutions for CNS drug development, working with our clients on unconventional and difficult clinical trial designs. Our talented programmers, statisticians, and data managers have experience handling complicated endpoints and will develop innovative approaches for your data collection and analysis.

Despite many research and clinical breakthroughs, CNS disorders remain one of the biggest areas of unmet medical need. This is partly because CNS clinical trials are challenging to run. Common problems inherent to CNS trials include difficulties measuring appropriate neurological, cognitive and behavioral endpoints, inconclusive results, and placebo responses.

Solving complex CNS data challenges

CNS clinical trials may be challenging and risky to run, but our team of clinical data professionals know how to support trials that minimize client risk while maximizing clinical insights. Intego Clinical offers customizable solutions to serve projects around the world. We specialize in:

  • Analysis of complicated endpoints
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Study design
  • Protocol design
  • Customized, flexible solutions
We have experience working with unusual and complex neurological endpoints
Our creative, proactive team of clinical data specialists knows how to minimize risk while maximizing CNS clinical insights
We offer tailored trial designs that meet each individual client's needs

Intego Clinical is a biometrics CRO specializing in data-driven clinical trial design that minimizes risk and maximizes clinical insights. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to CNS trials. Over the years, we have worked with unusual and complicated endpoints, and our regulatory expertise informs our clinical protocols and study designs.

Our CNS biometrics services include protocol design, real-time data analytics, clinical data management, and statistical programming.

Our team’s seamless end-to-end support lets us support clients at all stages of the clinical developments process. Intego Clinical’s tailored and flexible biometrics CRO solutions allow us to adapt to different trial designs and provide the level of support you need.

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