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With a 96% staff retention rate, Intego Clinical has had the unique opportunity to accumulate a team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a broad range of therapeutic areas. For over a decade, we’ve shared that expertise with pharma, biotech, and CRO clients across the globe, helping them achieve success at all stages of the clinical trial process. We look forward to doing the same for you by addressing your unique needs and delivering customized solutions for your clinical studies.

Our Expertise


Intego’s data science professionals have experience handling complex trial designs and ‘soft’ endpoints that need careful statistical analysis. From preclinical to phase IV, our statisticians and programmers can maximize your statistical power in any of the major rheumatic indications.


Working with a vulnerable population brings its own set of challenges. With our specialized clinical, operational, and regulatory skills, we can take you from conception to completion while maintaining compliance with international data standards and rigorous internal quality controls.


We’ve covered everything from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) trials to diabetic retinopathy trials and know the issues ophthalmology can face. We tailor our solutions to whatever your drug development stage or disease indication.

Infectious Diseases

We’ve worked on infectious disease clinical trials for many years, including several involving COVID-19. Our team can support your trial with statistical programming, data management, and sophisticated analytical capabilities to meet your individual needs.


40% of our portfolio is Oncology trials. Our statistical programmers, data managers, data scientists and other clinical data professionals can handle any complexity of study, trial phase or project scale while remaining agile and adaptive so you can offer the best techniques and support to your portfolio.


Our flexible services solutions, internal QC and regulatory expertise make it easy to cope with seasonal changes in virus circulation and demand for antiviral solutions. We can help you to stay flexible and meet your goals without compromising project timelines or integrity.

Central nervous system

Our biometrics solutions are adaptable to CNS drug development and can be tailored to different trial designs. We specialize in the analysis of complicated endpoints, real-time data monitoring, study design, and protocol design to tackle the unique challenges CNS trials face.

Rare diseases

We handle a variety of rare disease indications – including hematology-oncology – in early- and late-stage development. Using meticulous planning and fluid problem-solving, our data science teams can help you navigate the risks and difficulties associated with orphan disease studies.

Work with Intego

No matter the clinical research project you’re looking to evolve, you need a strategic partner with deep industry experience and a record of successful trials to support your needs. With our continued focus on quality and excellence, as well as our profile management team and proven recruitment and HR processes, Intego Clinical is well-positioned to be that partner for you, enhancing your global strategy and presence.


Adapting to Your Methodologies

Using our extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements, we employ industry best practices to support all levels of services for pharma, CRO and biotech clients around the world. Leverage our flexible solutions and versatile team to experience what it’s like to achieve a successful clinical trial from start to finish.

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