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Functional Service Provider (FSP)

Agile FSP solutions with seamless resources integration
Strong retention rates of our talent helps us build long-term partnerships with clients.
The FSP team operates as an extension of your own organization, delivering flexible and reliable services.
Flexible FSP options help clients keep their preferred balance of project accountability and agility.

As an experienced Functional Service Provider (FSP) provider for leading CROs and big pharma, Intego Clinical’s biometric resources will seamlessly integrate into your existing teams, whenever they are needed. Clients retain control over their biometric teams, but are able to scale their resources in response to changing demand or timelines. Our cost-effective staffing solutions, composed of talented statistical programmers, biostatisticians and data managers in Eastern Europe and the United States, help clients meet deadlines and improve internal program efficiencies.

Intego Clinical understands that priorities can shift quickly in your clinical processes. Timelines evolve, demand changes, and unexpected delays lead to capacity shortfalls elsewhere. That is why we offer flexible FSP staffing solutions that help our clients meet deadlines by adding resources on demand.

The FSP model has become industry best practice for outsourcing, allowing clients to operate in a cost-effective and agile manner, while retaining control of the clinical trial, day-to-day project operations and access to clinical data.

With over 10 years’ experience in data management and statistical programming, we seamlessly integrate data science professionals within our client’s existing team and project workflow following your SOPs and internal processes. We understand a successful FSP-client relationship requires excellent communication and trust, and we are proactive in helping our clients succeed.

Our resources in the United States and Eastern Europe operate as an extension of your team and can onboard onto projects within weeks, minimizing disruptions to your clinical portfolio timeline.

Intego Clinical offers solutions for a wide range of therapeutic areas throughout the full life cycle of drug development, including oncology, ophthalmology, virology, pediatrics and many more. By working out of Eastern Europe and Central Florida, we are able to provide highly educated and experienced clinical data resources in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

team retention rate
4.5 years
average FSP engagement
Tier 1
FSP vendor for big pharma

Benefits of our FSP engagement model:

  1. Lower clinical development cost – with multiple offices located in cost-effective regions of Eastern Europe coupled with growing operations in Central Florida, Intego Clinical is able to provide distributed teams incorporating a blended rate structure.
  2. Global strategic reach – no matter how effective your current engagement is, communication may become a key bottleneck. Having the resources when you need to avoid time differences and cultural barriers is a necessity. Let us serve your teams in Europe utilizing our resources in Eastern Europe while assigning data professionals to your North American operations from our cost-effective location in Central Florida.
  3. Flexible customized solutions – for over ten years, our FSP model has been the core of our business and allowed our clients a quick ramp up or down based on their needs, while concentrating on core business activities. For short-term needs we can provide shared-resources engagement or a unit-based model.
  4. Control, visibility and leadership – our clients retain control and leadership of the FSP resources assigned, no matter how big your team is. In addition, our experienced line managers will provide functional oversight controlling the quality, project work distribution and resource utilization.
  5. Strategic partnership through best-in-class training programs – with average contract engagement exceeding 4.5 years, we quickly become our client’s preferred vendor. We provide an opportunity to access a portfolio of our unique training programs in the areas of statistical programming and data management, adjusting curriculums based on your needs to support the further organic growth of your teams.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between the FSP model and full service engagement?

Unlike the full service CRO model, where entire clinical trials are outsourced to a contract research organization, the client outsources some or all parts of a specific function or functions to Functional Service Provider (FSP) employees. An example of this is the clinical data management or statistical programming associated with an ongoing clinical trial.

What are some of the advantages of the FSP model?
  • More cost-effective than using a traditional full-service CRO
  • Added flexibility and customization based on your needs
  • Quicker integration of resources into client projects
  • Greater control and visibility of your team project activities
What FSP services does Intego Clinical provide?
  • Statistical programming
  • Data management
  • Biostatistics
  • Regulatory submission support
What are the drawbacks of the FSP model?

In some scenarios, the FSP model is inefficient for short-term needs. Different time zones may also be problematic, especially without a solid organization and collaboration strategy.

What are the cost advantages of the FSP model?

With multiple office locations distributed between Eastern Europe and Central Florida, we are able to provide a blended cost structure building your team around these geographies. For example, we can add more senior resources from the cost-effective locations while integrating mid-level to junior professionals from the higher-cost areas to effectively manage communication and collaboration.

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