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We are a biometrics Clinical Research Organization (CRO) that helps leading life science companies unlock the power of clinical data. Our team of data science professionals has substantial experience in the regulatory, statistical, and data management spaces operating across a broad range of therapeutic areas along the entire drug development pipeline. With a focus on transparent and flexible engagement models, Intego Clinical can effectively and efficiently handle all your outsourcing needs as a global full-service CRO.

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Data science
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Accelerated insights

Accelerated insights generation and real-world analytics

We help pharma companies and CROs generate evidence that complements traditional randomized clinical trials and observational studies. Our geometric, data-driven approach combines biostatistics, topological data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization for unveiling hidden patterns in complex clinical datasets.

Topological data analysis for complex clinical studies

Topological data analysis (TDA) has been applied in different branches of bioinformatics, epidemiology, neuroscience, and oncology with promising results. TDA methods are used to detect and display robust relationships hidden in complex datasets.

Atlas-TDA: Clinical data science platform

Atlas-TDA, our HIPAA-compliant data science web-based application, enables researchers to extract topological models from complex clinical datasets. With it, users can perform visual explorations of hidden relationships within a set of interrelated clinical outcomes.

A team of data scientists with strong industry expertise

Using a wide range of technologies, including Python, R, SAS, R-shiny, and more, we employ modern machine learning algorithms, advanced statistical methods, and data visualization techniques to solve the most challenging problems faced by the pharma industry.

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Therapeutic Areas

Engagement Models

Secure the best talent based on your unique needs and requirements

The Functional Service Provider (FSP) model has become industry best practice for outsourcing because it allows clients to operate in a cost-effective and agile manner while retaining control of the clinical trial, day-to-day project operations, and access to clinical data. Using the FSP model and following your SOPs and internal processes, we seamlessly integrate data science professionals with your existing teams and project workflow.

Benefits of using a functional service provider:

  1. Lower clinical development cost
  2. Global strategic reach
  3. Flexible customized solutions
  4. Control, visibility and leadership
Tier 1
FSP vendor for big pharma

Agile solutions to help keep your trial deliverables on time

Unit-based services enable our pharma and CRO clients to completely outsource smaller work packages to Intego Clinical. Our unit-based model is a cost-effective way for you to meet your project goals and keep track of expenditures. Unit-based solutions minimize disruptions to your trial(s), ensuring reliable budget estimations and timelines while maintaining the ability to incorporate scope changes.

Benefits of a unit-based model:

  1. Cost-effective solution
  2. Concentration on core activities
  3. Fast response to change
  4. Projects stay within scope and under budget
Agile methodology ensures timely delivery

One-stop-shop solutions that don’t compromise on quality

Choosing Intego Clinical as your full-service global CRO will lower the total cost of your biometric services without compromising quality or efficiency. Our company has offices in Eastern Europe and Central Florida, allowing us to staff project teams in a strategic and cost-efficient manner. Our full-service solutions provide you with a single biometric CRO, reducing inefficiencies that can be generated by multiple outsourcing partners.

Benefits of full-service solutions:

  1. Predictable cost of clinical project(s)
  2. One-stop-shop arrangement
  3. Potential project cost savings
  4. Simplified contractual agreement
team retention rate

Building on our successful track record of innovation and expansion

Intego Clinical is a biometrics CRO with longstanding success in recruiting and training talent in global markets. Through our world-class training programs, experience building biometrics services from the ground up in new geographic regions, and development of proprietary AI/ML data visualization tools, we’ve become a trusted partner for leading pharmaceutical companies and global CROs.

Main areas of consulting:

  1. Biostatistical consulting
  2. Expansion into new regions
  3. Training programs in partnership with universities
  4. Emerging AI/ML technologies and real-world analytics
10+ years
experience in clinical research

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