Working together to bring novel rheumatology therapeutics to market

Ability to handle unusual endpoints and complex trial designs.

We offer flexible, scalable biometric solutions because no client project is ever the same

Rheumatology is an area of growing medical need, with biosimilars and personalized medicines promising to revolutionize the field and improve patient’s quality of life. Intego Clinical’s data science professionals know how to design studies and create meaningful endpoints to maximize clinical insights. We work on projects from preclinical to phase IV and have experience in the major rheumatic indications.

Over the years, Intego Clinical has provided biometric support to many clinical trials with ‘soft’ endpoints that require careful statistical analysis. Our team of highly trained statisticians and programmers thrive on delivering tailored solutions to clients, whether they require assistance on a single project, or full biometric service support.

Proactive team of clinical experts with strong problem-solving aptitudes
Ability to handle unusual endpoints and complex trial designs
We help develop the best clinical trial designs to maximize your statistical power

Due to an aging global population, rheumatology is a growing area of medical need. It is estimated that arthritis affects around 25% of the US population, and that by 2025 67 million American adults will be diagnosed with arthritis. Rheumatic diseases have a severe impact on patient quality of life and wellbeing.

With this growing disease burden, issues with safety profiles of existing drugs on the market mean continued therapeutic innovation is necessary. Although personalized medicine and biosimilars are important emerging treatments for rheumatic diseases, rheumatology remains a challenging clinical space to work in due to the difficulty assessing treatment effectiveness. Clinicians must rely on subjective tools to assess patient improvement (including patient-reported outcomes) instead of being able to use definitive clinical endpoints.

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