Supporting your oncology studies every step of the way

Oncology trials make up 40% of our portfolio.

We handle complex clinical data across
all stages and disease states

At Intego Clinical, we handle complex trial data across a range of oncology studies and bring the latest technological innovations to clients. Whatever the disease state, trial stage or project scale we are able to deliver high quality results. Our team of skilled statistical programmers, data managers, statisticians and data scientists committed to delivering high quality results for our pharma and CRO clients.

Partner with the right biometrics CRO,
set up your clinical trials for success

While breakthroughs such as immunotherapy and precision medicine herald a new age in cancer therapeutics, and the success rate of oncology clinical trials is only 3.4%. Complex trial designs and large patient enrollments in cancer studies generate large amounts of clinical data over many years.

In oncology, we know success is about more than numbers. Every data point represents a patient and the loved ones who support them. Every clinical trial represents another opportunity to beat cancer and improve someone’s quality of life. The number of ongoing clinical oncology studies has risen by 70% during the last decade, but their overall success rate is only 3.4%. Companies wishing to stay competitive in this field must find efficiencies and cost advantages, without compromising on quality.

At Intego Clinical our oncology solutions are:

  • Streamlined – with R&D focus on every project
  • Agile – utilizing state-of-the art engagement models
  • Scalable – supported by one of the largest team of data specialists in Eastern Europe and Central Florida
  • Innovative – deploying a wide range of technologies to solve challenges
  • Adaptive – based on the needs of our pharma and CRO clients

Our oncology solutions

Delivering quality data for the fast and accurate decision making
Oncology experience across all disease states, from solid tumors to leukemia
Preclinical to post-marketing expertise
Everything from full-service CRO to customized project-based solutions
Clients range from large pharma, leading CROs to agile biotech
Developing solutions to support precision medicine and other innovative study designs
Compliance with regulatory submission requirements

Oncology Center of Excellence

Our Center of Excellence in Oncology brings together a wealth of knowledge to empower our project teams and the next generation of clinical data specialists. At Intego Clinical we integrate oncology datasets in every training program we provide internally and externally, strengthening everyone’s oncology expertise.

When you need an experienced biometrics CRO to support your oncology studies, Intego Clinical is the flexible, trusted partner proud to support you and your patients. Contact us today to learn more.

Looking to the future with machine learning

With growing volumes of complex clinical oncology data, there emerges opportunities for deeper insight into cancer disease states, and more personalized therapeutic options. To achieve these goals, we need new and better tools capable of handling such data. Our dedicated data scientists are working at the forefront of machine learning and AI to provide superior analysis of oncology clinical data.

Developing a pipeline of programming and data management excellence

As a leading biometrics CRO, everyone at Intego Clinical is committed to delivering high quality results for our pharma clients. We provide the best minds in the industry to lead oncology clinical trials. Our team of experienced programmers, data managers and statisticians have worked in the clinical oncology space for a long time, handling complex trials from beginning to end.

10+ years
of experience in Oncology
of our portfolio are Oncology trials
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