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Full Service Solutions

One-stop-shop solutions that don't compromise on quality
Access to top mathematical and science talent in Eastern Europe in service of your project.
Simplified contractual arrangement in compliance with regulatory requirements and industry SOPs.
Predictable cost-effective solution without impacting the quality of your deliverables.

Our full service solutions give clients peace of mind by streamlining their communication channels to a single biometric CRO and reducing inefficiencies generated by multiple outsourcing partners. Partnering with Intego Clinical means benefiting from the most experienced clinical data professionals in Eastern Europe and the United States, who have expertise in all major therapeutic areas and stages of drug development. We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions for our clients.

When planning and executing a clinical trial, Intego Clinical is proud to handle all your outsourcing needs. With the full service model, clients outsource their project to a single CRO, who handles all aspects of the project and takes full responsibility for its completion. The advantage of full-service outsourcing for the client is it gives them a single point of contact and streamlined communication process instead of struggling to handle multiple CROs simultaneously, improving clinical trial efficiency and preventing miscommunication.

Intego Clinical has over 10 years experience in the regulatory, statistical and data management space. We operate across a broad range of therapeutic areas along the entire drug development pipeline. Our work is performed with strict adherence to industry and client standards, with strong internal Quality Control and oversight. Our team is one of the most educated in the industry, and our staff retention rates speak to the quality and consistency of our services.

Choosing Intego Clinical as your full service global CRO will lower the total cost of your biometric services without compromising on quality or efficiency. Our company has offices in Eastern Europe and Central Florida, which allows us to staff project teams in a cost-efficient manner.

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Full services outsourcing vs. Functional Service Provider

Many clients in recent years are moving from the full-service to the Functional Service Provider (FSP) outsourcing model. While the FSP model has many advantages, Intego Clinical understands there are some projects better-served by the full service model.

For clients who value predictable costs and a streamlined contracting process, and who trust the provider to complete their project on time to a high standard, the full service model remains the preferred option.

Full Service advantages:

  • Predictable cost
  • One-stop-shop arrangement
  • Potential cost savings
  • Simplified contractual arrangement

FSP advantages:

  • Access to provider's data professionals
  • Flexibility in adding/offboarding resources
  • Transparency in management and communications

Full Service disadvantages:

  • Lack of transparency
  • No power over resources assigned
  • Black-box communication model
  • Lack of flexibility

FSP disadvantages:

  • Management performed by the client
  • Cost of resources' idle time carried by the client
  • Lack of vendor's responsibility for project delivery

Frequently asked questions:

What is the full-service model?

In the full-service model, responsibility for an entire project is outsourced to a single contract research organisation, who handles every aspect of the project and takes full responsibility for its completion.

What is the best scenario for full-service outsourcing?

Compared with FSP and unit-based models, full service can be beneficial when you either lack in-house resources or have a low-priority clinical study you want to outsource completely. The key advantage is that your in-house team can concentrate on more strategic and critical projects. At the same time, the vendor will take care of the low-priority projects with a full-service outsourcing model.

Is it possible to have a hybrid model?

Combining both full service and FSP outsourcing with one vendor can be extremely beneficial. A hybrid model gives the client the best of both worlds: the flexibility and continued oversight of the FSP model, and the in-house expertise of the full service model. Intego Clinical offers customizable approaches to every need clients have.

How cost-effective is a full-service model?

In most scenarios, full service has a higher cost since the vendor should incorporate all the risks associated with a fixed-priced contract. At Intego Clinical, we can staff the project team from different geographies, making the total cost more attractive. For example, we can assign more senior resources from lower-cost locations in Eastern Europe, while junior to mid-level resources will be assigned from our Central Florida office. This makes our offering more attractive and gives us opportunities to optimize the total cost of the clinical study.

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